Microfabrication photo

The Adams Microfabrication Facility, located on the first floor of the Multidisciplinary Research Building, consists of 2,400 ft2 of cleanroom space, 900 ft2 of “dirty” space for machining, and 400 ft2 of office space. This facility is under the direction of Drs. Susan Lunte and Karen Nordheden. Services and usage of the facility are available to KU researchers in all departments. Training is provided to new investigators and graduate students in the use of microfabrication procedures and equipment. In addition, researchers from outside of KU may contract with the facility for consultation and services. For more information, please contact the facility director, Ryan Grigsby, by email or by phone at 785-864-1918.

The microfabrication facility cleanroom suite consists of:

  • Class 7 Gowning Vestibule
  • Class 5 Photolithography Room
  • Class 5 SEM, Ellipsometry and Visual Inspection Room
  • Class 6 Deposition Room
  • Class 6 Plasma Etching Room
  • Class 6 Wet Lab, with Class 5 Device Assembly Area
  • Support Space for 3-D Printer, CO2 Engraver, Tube Furnace and Solder Station
  • Machine Shop with CNC Mill, Drill Press, Table Saw and Work Bench

The facility has access corridors, a storage room for process gas cylinders, house nitrogen, and specialized hoods and lighting. The facility provides capabilities for photolithography, plasma etching of high surface ratio elements, wet etching, laser ablation, metal deposition, dielectric material deposition and microchip characterization.

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