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The KU Nanofabrication Facility is a Core Lab supported by the University of Kansas Center for Research and the Center for Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways. The KU Nanofab primarily caters to researchers who are manufacturing micro- and nanofluidic devices for biomedical research, but has the equipment and resources to accommodate broad research applications with micro- and nanofabrication needs. The facility consists of about 1,300 ft2 of ISO class 5, 1,700 ft2 of ISO class 6 and 1,250 ft2 of ISO class 7 cleanroom space, housing tools and materials for techniques including photolithography, nano-imprint lithography, plasma (dry) etching (ICP-RIE), wet etching, metal and dielectric material thin film deposition, ellipsometry, profilometry, wafer dicing, laser ablation and engraving, 3D printing, and hot embossing. In addition, the facility has numerous microscopes for general inspection, ovens and furnaces, ultrapure water, dedicated process fume hoods and filtered lighting for photolithography. COMSOL software for device modeling is available for paying users as well.

Services and usage of the facility are available to researchers from all public and private research institutions. Training is provided to new users in the use of micro- and nanofabrication procedures and equipment. Hourly and per-use rates apply for facility access, equipment usage, and staff labor. Consultation is free.

For more information, please contact the facility director, Ryan Grigsby, by email or by phone at 785-864-1918.

Briefly, the microfabrication facility cleanroom suite consists of:

  • Class 6 Gowning Vestibule
  • Class 5 Photolithography Room with a UV flood source and mask aligner, mask writer, Nano-Imprint Lithography system, a spin coater, three 10" hot plates, an HMDS vacuum oven, gravity oven, and a camera-equipped microscope
  • Class 6 Evaluation and Deposition Bay with an ellipsometer, stylus profilometer, probe station, oxygen plasma reactor, electron beam evaporator, DC magnetron sputterer, and a sputter coater
  • Class 6 Plasma tool bay for DRIE Plasma Etching and PECVD
  • Class 7 Wet Lab with dedicated acid, base and HF fume hoods, chemical storage, ultrapure water, wafer dicer, grinder/polisher and stylus profilometer
  • Class 7 PDMS station with gravity oven, oxygen plasma reactor, PVD chamber, alignment tool, port punch tool and microscopes
  • Class 7 Device Assembly room with hot embossers, CO2 laser engraver, microscopes, drills, furnaces, and a solder station
  • Class 7 3D printer room with stereolithographic and extruded filament 3D printers

Select the Equipment tab above for details on the available fabrication equipment in the cleanroom and support spaces. Select the Rates & Fees tab for an explanation of hourly rates and billing. Select the Resources tab for SOPs, Equipment Manuals and Datasheets. Select the Contact tab to find information on our staff and location, or to submit a Service Request.

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