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Keyence VHX-7000 Microscope

Keyence VHX-7000

The Keyence VHX-7000 is an inspection microscope with 3D optical profiling capabilities. The included camera has a resolution of 3.19 megapixels. Two zoom lenses are available for use — a VH-Z100UR and a VH-Z500T — offering magnification from 100x to 5000x. The VH-Z100UR lens includes a diferential interference contrast (DIC) prism, sharp color polarization (SCP) filter set, and a ring light. The Stage is fully motorized (XYZ) with 1 µm resolution (focus resolution is 0.1 µm). The mounted lens can be tilted from -60° to +90°. Software features include 2D and 3D measuring and profiling, automatic calibration, autofocus, image stitching, grain size analysis, contamination analysis, video recording, vibration corrections, and glare removal, among others.

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