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Heidelberg µPG-101 Mask Writer

Heidelberg µPG-101

The Heidelberg Instuments µPG-101 is a benchtop pattern generator that is configured with a 375 nm laser diode, which allows for exposure of both SU8 and AZ resists. Thus, the tool can be used to create photomasks for use with our UV flood source, and to direct-write into resist films on a silicon wafer.

Two write modes are available. Write Mode I provides a 0.6 µm minimum feature size (50 x 50 mm write area). Write Mode III provides a 2.5 µm minimum feature size (125 x 125 mm write area). Both write modes can be combined for a single design with small features over a large area.

This tool is not accessible to users. Contact Ryan Grigsby to have a mask blank or coated wafer patterned by this tool.

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